Krill oil supplementation is an effective way to take care of your body and raise your omega-3 levels. The numerous health benefits are heavily scientifically researched.

Here are 8 reasons why krill oil is so beneficial for your health – and your conscience.

1) Phospholipids ⇒ More bio-efficient

Krill oil contains phospholipids and astaxanthin, which makes it more stable and bio-efficient (the omega-3s get to the places the body needs them most – in the most efficient manner).

Recent human clinical studies have shown that phospholipid omega-3s may be a more desirable form.

When compared with triglyceride omega-3s, research has shown that less phospholipid omega-3s are required to reach equal bioavailability in the body’s cells and organs.

2) Health benefits

Powered by phospholipids, krill oil ensures the delivery of key fatty acids to various parts of the human body, such as the brain, heart and joints.

3) Protected by Astaxanthin

Antarctic krill is also rich with the natural antioxidant astaxanthin. The deep red color of each SuperbaTM Krill capsule is due to its astaxanthin content.

4) Increase in EPA & DHA

Studies demonstrate that increased blood levels of EPA and DHA is accompanied by health-promoting benefits in humans. The bioavailability of these omega-3 fatty acids in the blood is therefore of great importance.

5) Suppression of free radicals

Recognized for the health-promoting suppression of free radicals, astaxanthin keeps krill oil fresh.

6) Long-term stability

Astaxanthin protects the omega-3 fatty acids from oxidation. This means no additives are necessary to maintain the long-term stability of krill oil.

7) Sustainable

Krill oil stands out in the world of omega-3s because krill are sourced from a pure environment, in a sustainable and traceable manner.

8) Last but not least: No more fishy burps!

Since krill oil omega-3s are bound to phospholipids, which are better utilized by the body, the key fatty acids are more concentrated.

This has a great benefit for many consumers: the absence of reflux. Krill omega 3-s actually mix with the contents in the stomach, avoiding burp-back and other unpleasant digestive issues.

At the end of the day, when you start taking krill oil capsules you can be sure you are doing something good for your health AND your conscience!